Mousepad's Diablo II Maphack

Version 7.1 for Diablo II & Diablo II LOD v1.11b



How to use





Maphack is a realm and single player hack for Diablo II and Diablo II LOD that adds many useful extra features.

Features :-

Reveal automap for whole act, including quest features, many shrines and cave/stairway level names.
Show all shrines on automap sooner than normal, each type with different graphics.
Full screen light radius, full infravision (see through walls) and sunny weather.
Show monsters, selected items, unopened chests and hostile arrows/bolts on automap.
Show special monsters and hostile players different colour on automap.
Show monster enchantments, auras and immunities on automap.
Change colour or hide selected items on ground.
Hide selected monster and missiles corpses.
Show rune numbers and number of sockets on items.
Virtual map scrolling, allowing casting or shooting at huge ranges.
Disable unwanted monster death animinations (eg shenk).
Change monster life bar colour.
Protect socketed items from accidental socketing.
Show if cow king killed in quest log.
View other players, iron golems, valkyries and shadow warriors/masters equipment.
Automatic exit game on low life and/or hostility.
Many settings configurable.

Files included :-

D2MAPHACK.EXE - Maphack dll loader, run this.
D2MAPHACK.DLL - Maphack dll.
D2MAPHACK.CFG - Configuration file (editable).
D2MAPHACK.VCB - Vocabulary file for configuration (editable).
README.HTML - This file.
SHRINES.TXT - List of shrine numbers.
BLOB*.BMP - Automap blob images (editable).
SHRINE*.BMP - Automap shrine images (editable).
MINISHRINE*.BMP - Automap minishrine images (editable).


Installation :-

1. Extract all files from D2MAPHACK.ZIP to any directory (you only have to do this once).
2. Run Diablo II.
3. Alt+tab out of Diablo II.
5. Click on "Install/update".
6. Alt+tab back to Diablo II and play.

Default keys in game (on numpad) :-

"-" - Reveal automap for whole act.
"*" - Toggle full screen light radius, full infravision and sunny weather.
"/" - Toggle show monsters on automap.
"+" - Toggle show hidden items.
Scroll lock - Toggle virtual map scrolling.
Pause/Break - Center virtual map.


I get the error "Diablo II not loaded".

Maphack has to be run each time you play, run Diablo II, alt-tab out, run and install maphack then alt-tab back to Diablo II.

I get the error "D2MAPHACK.DLL not found".

The file D2MAPHACK.DLL is missing, possible causes are :-
1. You ran maphack directly from the zip file, that doesn't work anymore.
2. You didn't extract all the files from the zip.
3. You moved the files after extracting and missed the dll because by default windows hides system files.

I get the error "Unknown game version".

Either your using an out of date version, Diablo II was just updated or another installed hack clashes with maphack. No solution.

When I click on install nothing appears to happen.

That means its successfully installed, now play Diablo II.

Monsters don't show up on automap and pressing the toggle show monsters key has no effect.

Press F11 (default show party on automap toggle).

Monsters immunitys don't show up on automap.

Press F12 (default show names on automap toggle).

How can I use maphack without a numpad?

Change the following lines in D2MAPHACK.CFG file to use keys 0987 :-

Reveal Act Automap Key: VK_0
Visuals Toggle: 1, VK_9
Automap Monsters Toggle: 1, VK_8
Hidden Items Toggle: 1, VK_7

How do I view another players equipment?

Hover cursor over a player so you see their name and press view equipment key (default "0").

After installing maphack I can't interact with NPCs/stash/waypoints/etc.

You have "Perm Show Items Toggle" on, probably from using MHC defaults.

Whats this red X on top left of act 1 quest log?

That just means you have killed cow king.

How do I completely uninstall maphack?

Exit Diablo II then delete maphack files.

Can blizzard detect maphack usage and delete my account/ban my cd key?

Qualified no, the follow could be in theory be detected :-

Repeatedly casting over large distances using scroll lock.
Repeatedly casting skills at targets through walls using infravision (before v4.7d).
Repeatedly casting iron golem on ground next to a hidden suitable item (before v4.7d).

Are you going to make a version of maphack for the mac?

No, I don't have a mac or the necessary experience.

I downloaded a version from a dubious site and it doesnt work and/or my account has been stolen.

Don't mail me, remove subseven/netdevil (optional).

I mailed you about a problem mentioned above and haven't got a reply.

Read this FAQ again.


Basic variable format :-

Variable Name[1st array indices][2nd array indices][etc]: values

Notes :-

Any part of line can be replaced with an appropriate "word" from D2MAPHACK.VCB (vocabulary file).
Variables have 0 to 4 array dimensions, omiting an array is same as specifying 0+ (all).
Array indices are a comma seperated list of either a single number, a range seperated by a dash or a number followed by a plus (to limit of array).
Values are a comma seperated list of 1 to 2 numbers (hex or decimal) or strings, missing values are unchanged.
Variables can be used more than once, with the last overiding (if array indices permit).


Variables Arrays Values Examples
Reveal Act Automap Key
Reveal Level Automap Key
View Equipment Key
View Info Page Key
Save Item List Key
Quick Exit Game Key
Yard Radius Decrease Key
Yard Radius Increase Key
Center Map Scroll Key
- Key code Reveal Act Automap Key: VK_SUBTRACT
Quick Exit Game Key: -1
Full Visuals Toggle
 Weather Toggle
 Infravision Toggle
 Light Radius Toggle
 Screen Shake Toggle
Hidden Corpses Toggle
Automap Monsters Toggle
Automap Level Names Toggle
Automap Chests Toggle
Automap Items Toggle
Automap Missiles Toggle
Automap Active Rooms Toggle
Hidden Items Toggle
Scroll Map Toggle
Automap Screen Area Toggle
Monster TC Toggle
Monster Levels Toggle
Game Time Toggle
Drop Protect Toggle
Input Line Toggle
Out Town Select Toggle
Mini Shrines Toggle
Diagonal Scroll Toggle
Chicken Life Toggle
Chicken Hostile Toggle
Chicken Hostile Nearby Toggle
Socket Protect Toggle
Rune Numbers Toggle
Socket Numbers Toggle
Item Levels Toggle
Unit Numbers Toggle
- Default, Key code Full Visuals Toggle: 1, VK_MULTIPLY
Hidden Items Toggle: 0, VK_ADD
Game Time Toggle: 1, -1
Automap Party Default
Automap Names Default
- Flag Automap Party Default: 1
Level Name Colour
Quest Item Colour
Monster Desc Colour
- Text colour Level Name Colour: White
Staff Tomb Level Desc
Extra Strong Desc
Extra Fast Desc
Cursed Desc
Magic Resistant Desc
Fire Enchanted Desc
Champion Desc
Lightning Enchanted Desc
Cold Enchanted Desc
Thief Desc
Mana Burn Desc
Teleportation Desc
Spectral Hit Desc
Stone Skin Desc
Multiple Shots Desc
Ghostly Desc
Fanatic Desc
Possessed Desc
Berserker Desc
Might Aura Desc
Holy Fire Aura Desc
Blessed Aim Aura Desc
Holy Freeze Aura Desc
Holy Shock Aura Desc
Conviction Aura Desc
Fanaticism Aura Desc
Physical Immunity Desc
Magic Immunity Desc
Fire Immunity Desc
Lightning Immunity Desc
Cold Immunity Desc
Poison Immunity Desc
- String Staff Tomb Level Desc: " <-HERE"
Lightning Enchanted Desc: "%9L"
Map Scroll Speed
Life Bar Transparency
Chicken Life
Chicken Hostile Life
Chicken Hostile Nearby Life
Good Gold Number
- Number Map Scroll Speed: 16
Life Bar Colour
- Pallete colour Life Bar Colour: 0x62
Player Blob File
Monster Blob File
Object Blob File
Missile Blob File
Item Blob File
- Filename Monster Blob File: "blobdiamond"
Automap Active Rooms Colour
Automap Screen Area Colour
Closed Chest Colour
Locked Chest Colour
Hostile Missile Colour
Guided Missile Colour
Tracer Missile Colour
Other Missile Colour
Normal Monster Colour
Boss Monster Colour
Minion Monster Colour
Champion Monster Colour
Act5 Barbarian Colour
Neutral Player Colour
Hostile Player Colour
Normal Corpse Colour
Boss Corpse Colour
Minion Corpse Colour
Champion Corpse Colour
- Automap colour Boss Monster Colour: 0x5b
Missile Colours Missile Automap Colour Missile Colours[All Arrows]: -2
Missile Corpses Missile Flag Missile Corpses[Vine Beast Death]: 0
Good Gold Colour
Poor Gold Colour
- Text colour, Automap colour Poor Gold Colour: -1, -2
Item Colours Item, Quality, Ethereal, Sockets Text colour, Automap colour Item Colours[Ear]: -1, -2
Item Colours[Shako][Unique]: 11, 0x20
Item Colours[Sabre][Set][True][1]: -1, -2
Charm Colours
Rune Colours
Rejuv Pot Colours
Healing Pot Colours
Mana Pot Colours
Gem Colours
 Amethyst Colours
 Topaz Colours
 Sapphire Colours
 Emerald Colours
 Ruby Colours
 Diamond Colours
 Skull Colours
Number Text colour, Automap colour Rune Colours[10+]: 11, 0x80
Gem Colours[Chipped]: Orange
Monster Colours
Monster Corpse Colours
Monster Automap Colour Monster Colours[Undead Stygian Doll 1]: 0x20
Monster Death Anims
Monster Corpses
Monster Flag Monster Death Anims[Shenk]: 0
Monster Corpses[Wake of Fire-Death Sentry]: 0

Pallete/Automap colours

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F

Number = 0x<row><column>
Text colours

Number Colour
-1 Default
Green 1
Gold 1
Gold 2
Green 2
Green 3


Fixed various crashes.
Improved loader error reporting.
Made internal changes to make updating easier.
Updated for Diablo II v1.11b.
Improved anti-detection, including :-
 New loader option, auto close after install/remove (default on).
 Loader will close if you enter a realm game without maphack installed.
 Loader will not run if warden is active and maphack is not already installed (don't keep trying it!).

Updated for Diablo II v1.11, note the following anti-detection related issues :-
 D2MAPHACK.EXE and MHHASHGEN.EXE rename themselves randomly when first run (use the icon to tell them apart).
 Maphack will not attach while a warden module is active, you must leave the game then install.
 When an unknown warden module is loaded (MODSIGS.TXT contains hashes of known tested modules) maphack will by default unload (this can be turned off by changing New Warden Module Action to 0 in config but this is NOT advised).

Added extrawork dll "Systemdescription 2.0.7" to list of safe dlls.

Fixed crash when loaded as d2loader plugin then removed.
Added feature to block ctrl+click quest item sell bug.
Added toggle for disabling item gleam (Show Item Gleam Toggle).
Added base+extra=total breakdown of skill levels to skill hover desc.

Show monster resist mininum now accepts negative values.
Added config array of skills for controlling which player skills to list (Show Skill Levels).
Added toggle for disabling in game cinematics (Show Videos Toggle).
Added toggle for disabling show quest log button (Show Quest Button Toggle).
Added toggle for blocking inventory manipulation (Inventory Protect Toggle).

Added new version check dlls to list of safe dlls.
Fixed bug with tppk protection exiting for level 0.

Fixed crash with listing room presets.
Added feature to display info when other players cast skills and acquire states with skill info.
Extra monsters in mods now default to showing on automap.
Renamed some missile, stat and state vocab entrys (may break some configs).
Added config array of skills for controlling tppk chicken (Tppk Skill Levels).
Improved itemlist html.

Fixed problem with outline of windows fonts.
Changed view equipment to show items from wearers point of view.
Added strength and dexterity display to show other players equipment screen.
Added more skills to tppk protection list.
Prevented stop minimize toggle from effecting fullscreen.
Added list preset units in current room key (List Room Presets Key).
Added key shortcut for giving potions to mercs (Give Merc Potion Keys).

Loader autoload check box now defaults to on and no longer auto clears.
Replaced Diablo II's slow (order n2) player minion search.
Added merc level and experience stats to info page.
Fixed "drop hack" with too many skills on some game mods.
Added ping chicken (Chicken Ping, Chicken Ping Toggle).

Added loader option to auto reinstall after anti-detection unload (this performs an integrity scan and only reinstalls if its successful).

Added extrawork dll "System Debug Info 1.06" to list of safe dlls.

Fixed view equipment with inventory already open bug.
Fixed double quick exit key bug.
Fully rewrote new input line.
Added more info to info page, including effective run/walk speeds and frames per cast/attack.
Added extra keycode to key and toggle config vars (2nd value is key to hold).
Added delay to auto install.
Added replacing Diablo II fonts with windows fonts.
Added next quest and next waypoint values for level targets.

Fixed display of negative experience this game.
Added toggle for disabling teleport fading (included in Full Visuals Toggle).
Fixed double display of dead players on automap.
Added toggle for showing invis units (open play) (Invis Units Toggle, default off).
Reworked new input line.
Added toggle for showing packet 0x64 scans (Show Packet 64 Toggle, default off), NOTE this is not cause for alarm or hasty unloading as maphack deals with this scan without needing to unload.
Several theoretical anti-detection improvements.
Fixed bug with View Socketables Toggle config variable.
Added loader option to auto install to next instance of Diablo II.
Added toggle to block window minimizing (Stop Minimize Toggle).
Added toggle to block npc intro text (Stop Npc Intro Toggle).

Fixed monster TC level calculation.
Added option to show chests TC level (Chests TC Toggle, default off).
Added seperate config variable for evil urns (Evil Urn Group/Colour).
Increased number of rule chickens to 10 (previously 5).
Fixed minor bug with input line control when removing maphack.
Automap party+name default now set at start of every game.
Restored tppk protection feature (Tppk Protect Toggle, default off).

Added merging of identical toggle messages.
Fixed cd-key hash generators reading of install path from registry.
Fixed rule chickens not chickening out.
Fixed itemlist crash with wide chars.

Removed second value of chicken life variables (use -first value instead for percents).
Added extrawork dll "System Debug Info 1.05" to list of safe dlls.

Speeded up processing of vocab and config files by 2 to 4 times.
Added toggle for showing full item descs on ground (Ground Item Desc Toggle, default '7').
Added config arrays for controling automap infomation (see config, max 20).
Added loader shortcut parameters -REMOVE and -INSTALL <config filename>.
Added #VOCAB directive to define words from config file.
Include filenames can now be absolute paths.
Added itemlister (controled by Save Item List Key, default "-" on keypad), NOTE files are now saved in maphack directory.
Added string value to toggle vars to describe effect when toggleing (these were previous hardcoded).
Replaced unit colours variables with groups (you can still use colours as a shortcut to assign new groups, see config).
Added group rules and group chicken (see config).
Changed chicken life percent to negative first value (but old way still works for now).
Replaced hostile nearby chicken, hidden item level and hidden item value with group rules.

Fixed memory leak in loader.
Completely reworked monster and missile, variables and functionaly (see config, with examples!).
Added config array for player colours based on class and relationship (Player Colours).
Changed numbered seperate config vars (Light Radius X, Light Radius Toggle X and Level Targets X) to arrays.
Added toggle for game name defaulting to last game (Last Game Name Toggle, default on).
Added toggle for target arrows overlaping (Overlap Arrow Toggle, default on).
Removed most of vocab files old compatibility entrys (excluding chicken).
Added broken item text colour config var (Broken Item Colour).
Replace quest item colour config var with vocab group (Quest Items).
Added buttons to loader for viewing vocab file, message log and debug log.
Expanded colour messages filter to include in game messages.
Added config vars for cursor and waypoint bmps (Cursor Blob File and Waypoint Blob File)

Added second light radius toggle and value.
Fixed problem with cdkey refiller+lowercase cdkeys.
Added optional bmp file to replace cursor (CURSOR.BMP).
Added #INCLUDE file directive.
Removed scroll-lock defaulting to off.
Fixed level targets bug with Inner Cloister and Outer Cloister.
Added third level target arrow.
Minor theoretical anti-detection improvement.
Added list box of running Diablo II processes to loader.
Added list box of CFG files to loader (loads currently selected one).
Added second value to chicken life vars for percentage (NOTE calculates value on entering game).
Added show highlighted monster resists (if greater than selected minimum etc, see config).
Added toggle for display of experience gained this game (Game Experience Toggle).
Added info/stats summary page (opened by View Info Page Key, default '8').
Fixed keys/toggles not working in trade screen.

Fixed install crash on windows 9x.

Renamed test radius config vars to yard radius.
Added toggle for display of version+expansion (Useless Info Toggle).
Added toggle for display of server ip (Server Ip Toggle).
Added create game name defaults to last game entered.
Minor theoretical anti-detection improvement.

Corrected some level names in vocab file.
Added second level target arrow (see config).
Fixed clearing of level targets when entering new game.
Added automatic reveal map feature.
Added extrawork dll "System Debug Info 1.03" to list of safe dlls.

Improved integrity scan.
Fixed monster levels display (now correct for all except hidden minions).
Added show yard radius tool (see default config).
Added level target arrow, controlled by config array/vars Level Targets[<level>] and Target Arrow Toggle (see default config).
Reordered default config into roughly logical groups.
Changed first index of almost all config arrays to 0 (excludes qualitys and runes/charms/gems etc), NOTE this will some break configs that don't use VCB file.
Added option to force any automap transprancy (Automap Fade Trans), eg 3.

Added Diablo II integrity scan option to loader (use this after extrawork unload).

Added support for more than one keystring per keyfile.
Theoretical anti-detection improvement.

Added config array Monster Hiddens[<monster>][<owner>] (owner = 0 free range, 1 yours, 2 party, 3 hostile, 4 other), toggleable by Hidden Monsters Toggle, with example in config to hide other necros skeletons.
Added option to change font used to display items+most other highlighted text (Other Font Size, Other Font Toggle).
Added config vars New Version Dll Action and Extrawork Dll Action, value = 0 execute, 1 don't execute, 2 unload maphack before executing (safest and default), 3 crash.
Added portal drop hack protection.

Fixed shift slow down bug.
Added auto replacing of .CFG/.VCB/.KEY files with .TXT versions if file exists and is modified later (ie it fixes any files saved with .TXT on end).
Added make keyfile option to cd-key hash generator.

Added tolerence for invalid chars in keyfile, eg spaces/newlines.
Added manualy enter cd-key option to cd-key hash generator.

Updated for Diablo II v1.10.
Added toggle to disable right click swap (Right Click Swap Toggle).
Moved D2MESSAGES.LOG to maphack directory.
Added anti-detection code for all known (to me) methods of detection.

Updated for Diablo II v1.10s beta.

Updated for Diablo II v1.10 beta.

Added chat logging and colour messages filter toggle (Message Filter Toggle).
Added new values for item automap colour, -4 hide if value < Hidden Item Value, -5 allways hide.
Added shortcut (right click) to drop item in hand at free space on opposite side of screen (try it and see).
Fixed 4.7j incompatibility when loaded as d2loader plugin.
Added show item sell value minimum (Item Value Minimum).
Fixed config bug of ignoring rest of indices when using "+".
Added debug feature to log processed vocab and config files to D2MAPHACK.DBG (need to create the DBG file to enable).
Removed blacklist.

Improved socket protection so it can't be detected (now blocks instead of swapping).
Added option to show item sell value.
Added pre/post strings for ethereal items.
Added join game name defaults to last game entered.
Added logging of in game messages to D2MESSAGES.LOG (defaults to off).
Added tppk protection (defaults to off), NOTE this is NOT infallible.

Improved doublethrow drop hack protection.

Added doublethrow drop hack protection.

Fixed gold number colouring bug.
Fixed broken mods "ptWarp" warning.
Fixed hovering over player corpse when showing unitids crash.
Added show total merc magic find.
Restored perm show items feature.
Added extra dimension to item arrays for sockets.
Added perm show life/mana orbs toggle (Perm Show Orbs Toggle).
Added new value for items automap colour, -3 don't show item on ground if level below Hidden Items Level.

Renamed view inventory key to View Equipment Key.
Removed perm show items feature.
Blocked attempts to pick up items when viewing others inventory.
Added in game clock.
Fixed broken ethereal items colour feature/bug.
Added show total magic find on char screen.
Fixed chicken out bug.
Added potion drop hack protection.

Added configurable show monster corpses on automap.
Added show item socketables (gems etc) and toggle (defaults to "9").
Fixed random pickup items crash.
New input line now defaults to off.

Fixed item drop hack protection merging arrows/bolts bug.
Fixed random config dealloc crash when removing.
Fixed infravision casting on targets through walls and iron golem on hidden item bugs, see FAQ.
Added option to show monsters level.
Split visuals toggle into weather, infravision, light radius, screen shake and corpse toggles.
Replaced nearby hostile toggle with chicken nearby hostile life and toggle (see config).
Added other missile colour setting.
Added out of town select toggle.

Improved item drop hack protection.
Added option to show active rooms on automap.
Replaced chat input line with edit control (allows cut/paste etc).
Added waypoint bmp.
Added options to show item ilvls and unitids.

Fixed some word clashes in vocab file.
Fixed guided arrow firing at minions/neutrals illusion.
Fixed view golem without inventory crash.
Fixed nearby unit skills on minions/neutrals.

Added message when chickening out.
Fixed random TC list init crash when entering game.
Allowed selection of players anywhere (for view inventory).
Added view inventory of iron golems, valkyries, shadow warriors/masters.

Redesigned chicken config variables (see config).
Added arrays for hide monster and missile corpses with defaults to hide dead vines and traps.
Added ignore spelling of colour/color in config.
Fixed TFW mod crash.
Added time in game display.

Added tracer missile colour.
Added druid drop hack protection.
Added exit game on low life and/or hostility (0 don't quit, 1 quit if hostile nearby, 2 just quit) options.

Improved item drop hack protection.
Set default view inventory key to "0".

Added automatic deny trading while viewing inventory.
Added item drop hack protection.

Added show other players inventory key (hover over and press).
Added perm show item names on ground toggle.
Added array for automap missile colours (-1 don't show, -2 show hostile/guided etc).

Fixed shrine graphics alignment with large shrines on minimap and custom sized shrines.
Fixed glide and direct3d blob colour caching bug.

Added extra dimension to item arrays for ethereals.
Added option to show hostile/guided arrows/bolts on automap.
Added option to show monsters TC level.
Restuctured toggle/flag config variables.

Added toggle show hidden items, toggle show items on automap.
Added items/monsters/etc vocabulary file (see D2MAPHACK.VCB).
Added socket protection config option.
Added show if cow king killed on quest log.

Fixed numbering/colouring of extra runes in mods.
Fixed hirelings showing immunitys.
Changed format of shrine graphics to bmp.
Added 2nd quantity to item colours for automap colour (-1 don't show, -2 don't show item on ground).
Added extra dimension to item arrays for item qualitys.
Added configurable automap blob/cross shapes (bmp files).
Added unopened chests show on automap.
Added config var for default automap party/names.

Fixed toggle automap party bug.
Added exit game key.
Added champion monster descriptions.
Added array variable type (variable[numbers]: value).
Changed item colour variables to arrays (eg Rune Colours[1,3,11-14,20+]: 4).
Added array for monster colours (-1 default, -2 don't show).
Added array for show monster death animations.

Fixed config strings bug.

Added config string for correct tomb.
Added colours for rare/unique items.
Added fire shrine (provided by "Carlo Q.N.").

Added correct tomb has a "*" next to level name.
Now uses new d2loader plugin format.
Fixed crash when using mods with missing levels.

Fixed loader problems.
Updated for Diablo II v1.09d (changed "c" to "d").

Fixed problems with relocated dlls.
Added map scrolling speed setting.
Added disable diagonal map scrolling option.
Added trojan detection.

Updated for Diablo II v1.09c.

Fixed hostile player colour bug.
Toggle visual effects now includes screen shaking.
Added virtual map scrolling.
Added option to disable shenk death animations.

Fixed glide and direct3d shrine graphics bug.
Fixed champion colour bug.
Added monster immunity and aura descriptions.
Added colour code shortcut ("%").

Rewritten as a DLL and now supports d2loader.
Can now be lauched before entering a game.
Added option to disable rune numbering.
Added seperate skull colour settings.
Added minimap shrines.
Added option to use large shrines on minimap.
Added number of sockets in item names.
Added special monster magical bonuses on automap.

Updated for Diablo II v1.09.

Reveal automap now shows cave/stairs/doorway level names, toggleable with numpad "+".

Reveal automap can predict some health, mana, combat, skill and stamina shrines.
Gems, healing pots, mana pots and rejuvs colour now configurable.
Boss, minion and champion monsters automap colour now seperately configurable.
Added graphics for refilling, health, mana (by me), portal, exploding and poison (by "HariKariEd") shrines.

Reveal automap now shows undiscovered preset shrines (mostly in acts 1,2) with a question mark above.

Made config file easier to use.
Prevented toggle visuals from effecting runes, charms and life bar.
Fixed full light radius, it now overides all quest and skill FX.

Added a configuration file.
Reveal automap shows chests in fake tombs, and an X for staff orifice.

Made monsters life bar brighter.
Made runes unique coloured and numbered, charms purple.

Fixed paging crash on low spec machines.
Reveal automap shows chests, cs seals, act3 sewer lever and an X where izual starts.
Added a program icon.

Reveal automap shows act5 waypoints, quest features (cairn stones, tree of inifuss, tower tome, horadric malus, gibbin, lam esen's tome, ruined temple stairs, etc).

Removed act5 non monsters from automap.
Added barb allys as minions on automap.
Improved version test.
Removed mousepad whisper joke.

Updated for LOD.
Added sanity check when loading shrines.
Changed in game keys to "/","*","-" on numpad.

Fully updated for Diablo II v1.08.

Reveal automap only update for Diablo II v1.08.

Can handle graphics for all shrines, includes examples by "Tidus".

Added info page.

Fixed win2k compatibility problem.

Added graphic for gemshrines.

Special monsters different colour on automap.
Big speedup in act4 reveal automap.

Added advantage mod style features :-
 Full screen light radius, full infravision and sunny weather (toggleable with "9").
 Monsters show on automap (toggleable with "8").

Reveals entire acts automap by pressing "0" in game.

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