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The Art of Choosing the Best Wardrobe

The road to a perfect bedroom starts with a good stylish wardrobe that will incorporate function and a good design. A good wardrobe might be the solution to the storage headache and unblended theme in your bedroom. Here are tips to consider while getting your wish wardrobe.

Type of Wardrobes

Normally they come in two categories, fitted wardrobes, and free-standing wardrobes. The fitted wardrobe is units built into the wall of your house and cannot be moved; they are custom-made to fit your room and storage needs best and blend with the room theme and décor. On the other hand, free-standing wardrobes are portable wardrobes that allow you to move from one room to the next if you decide to refurbish your house. 

While considering whether to acquire a fitted or a stand-alone wardrobe, it is good to know that a fitted wardrobe will maximize the space as custom-made. Also, wardrobes can be made to fit your style and clothing preference. Fitted wardrobes are also easy to incorporate into your theme and style by matching the colour palette of your wardrobe with that of interior decor. On the other hand, the free-standing wardrobes are flexible and allow matching them with other bedroom furniture, for example, chest drawers and bedside tables.

Material and Colour

The material and colour of your wardrobe will contribute heavily to your overall interior décor and style. Wardrobe colour is part of design aesthetic, and they matter in bringing out your style; for example, a shiny finish surface can contribute to a contemporary style. Also, a muted shade will work great with polished wood to bring out a soothing mood in a bedroom. Also, choose a good brand like Tylko (, with a good range of colours and other options to choose from.

Shelves VS Drawers

With modern bedrooms becoming smaller and smaller and clothing selection becoming bigger and bigger, we must make the most efficient use of the space available. While it can feel like there is no perfect way or standard configuration of keeping your clothes in a wardrobe, a little thought to it can ensure a result that works for your style and design. A good tip is to think about how you would like to access them. Will you like it if you show them or would you like to fold them away?